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China evacuates oppressed Egyptian Chinese – 国航派包机赴开罗执行紧急撤侨任务

There are over 500 Chinese stuck in the Cairo airport. In response, the Chinese Government has sent an Air China A320 to rescue some of them.

The A320 which holds 265 people is staffed by a crew of  6 pilots, 10 stewardesses,  and a compliment of security and maintenance crews.

This begs the question: Is it really a rescue mission if you are evacuated to a country where the populace has fewer rights?

Regardless, it is an unprecedented move by the Chinese government. Air China does not fly to Cairo. They have had to arrange new airspace agreements and fly into an unknown airport all in a short period of time.


Full Text in Chinese after the break.

新浪航空讯 据中国国际航空公司新闻发言人最新消息,国航今日中午11时30分将派一架空客A330-200客机远赴埃及首都开罗执行撤侨任务。据悉,开罗机场目前有500多名中国公民滞留,国航此次包机可载客265人,尽最大可能接回中国侨胞回国。


国航于今日凌晨接到执行撤侨包机任务。国航紧急部署航班,调整运力与人员。国航目前尚未开通直飞开罗航线,执行该包机任务需要通过7-8个国家领空,目的地也为陌生机场。国航在极短时间内即完成了此次包机准备任务。(陈 诚)

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