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Families of victims in Yichun air crash to sue GE


"Families of victims in a recent air crash in northeastern China are planning to sue the General Electric Co (GE) for the US conglomerate's role as engine maker in the fatal accident, a lawyer said Thursday.

Wang Xinquan, with the Beijing Guo & Partners law firm, told the Global Times that more than 10 families of victims in the crash in Yichun have expressed their intentions to lodge a lawsuit against GE through his firm.

"The crashed aircraft was made by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. But its CF34-10E engine is a GE product. According to US law, if … the design or quality of the engine is related to the air crash, GE must be liable for compensation," he said."

Source: Global Times -

I think it'll be a hard case to show that the engines had any cause to this accident. The more interesting case will be against Embraer. Many of these 170/190s are built in China at their Tianjin factory. If the aircraft did breakup in flight, it could be from shoddy Q/A in the factory.

I am glad that not all of the victim's families settled.