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This was a very interesting article on the Yichun crash. What amazes me is that the crew was willing to make this flight with little experience, low ifr, and having never flown the route before. This is an example of how poorly the Chinese pilots are trained.

While other airlines had already cancelled evening services from Harbin to Yichun, an airline captain from Henan Airlines attempted to fly the route for the first time on August 24. The plane ended up crashing as it attempted to land at Yichun's small Lindu airport, the crash claimed the lives of 42 passengers and another 54 were injured.

According to a security report of the Heilongjiang branch of Southern Airlines released in August 2009, due to seasonal weather conditions and the location of the newly-constructed Yichun Lindu Airport, they concluded that it was not safe to offer night flights along the route. Southern Airlines decided that, as of September 1 that year, they would no longer fly the route at night.

However, at 20:51 on August 24, Qi Quanjun, a pilot with Henan Airlines took off in an E-190 aircraft, this was Qi's first flight along the route. When coming in to land at the Yichun airport at about 9.30pm in poor conditions that reduced visibility to less than 300 meters, the plane crashed 690 meters short of the runway. According to the official government report, 42 passengers died and another 54 were injured in the crash. The pilot was badly injured but did not die. Many of the original media reports stated that 43 passengers had died, but authorities have since confirmed that only 42 people died in the crash.


The problems of the regional airlines in the US are only compounded by corruption, poor experience and young mangers in China. Henan Airlines is a prime example of this. It looks like the president of the company, who has now be removed / arrested for embezzlement from Shenzhen Airlines, used the company as his personal money laundering vehicle.